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Martin Walser

«We have a duty to protect the personal data of employees from unauthorized access. With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging, we are able to securely and cost-effectively secure the electronic dispatch of payroll accounts.» - Martin Walser, Head of Department Accounting and Payroll Accounting at the Cantonal Administration Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

PrivaSphere Secure Messaging integrated into the "Drakkensberg Ecosystem

The Drakkensberg initiative uses blockchain technology to create an ecosystem for company formations integrating banks, notaries and the cantonal and federal commercial registry offices; efficiently and free 100% online. From now on, new company formations (and hopefully soon mutations and deletions) can be submitted electronically from the Drakkensberg portal solution via Jusphere by PrivaSphere directly to the commercial registry offices.

Dr Ulrich Schimpel, technical coordinator of the Drakkensberg initiative on the part of IBM Switzerland, is convinced that with the integration of Jusphere as a module for the binding transmission in accordance with the Commercial Register Ordinance, another important step has been taken towards an integrated digital solution for company formations throughout Switzerland. https://leap.digitalswitzerland.com/projects/


About Drakkensberg

Currently, incorporations can be carried out digitally through the Drakkensberg initiative, or more precisely via the Drakkensberg platform in the cantons of Zug, Lucerne, Basel-Landschaft and Glarus within a few days. A core function of the Drakkensberg platform is the coordinated and efficient processing of all relevant data and documents between the parties involved in the process - whereby each partner receives the information "in their own language" and can thus use it immediately. Recently, it has also become possible to have all data and documents delivered directly to the commercial registers through PrivaSphere's official delivery platform (Jusphere). This speeds up the implementation of UPReg, as the notarised documents can be digitally signed and consequently processed directly at the commercial registry office. This counteracts the need for subsequent submission by post.

The Drakkensberg project was launched within the digitalswitzerland Challenge in 2017 in order to improve Switzerland's WEF ranking (50+ place) for company formations. Drakkensberg AG was founded in less than two hours, including the opening of a blocked account, money transfer, founding meeting and verification by the commercial registry offices of the canton of Zug and the federal government. Drakkensberg's goal for 2022 is to scale with notaries, lawyers and commercial registry offices. www.drakkensberg.ch


About PrivaSphere and Jusphere

Jusphere by PrivaSphere, the online solution for electronic commercial register notifications and mutations, went into operation around two years ago as the successor system to the Federal Office of Justice's outdated transmission platform www.juspace.ch and is operated by PrivaSphere on behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

PrivaSphere AG is the leading Swiss platform for secure e-mail. PrivaSphere was awarded the CTI Start-Up Label by the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency and is a laureate of the Swiss Technology Awards as well as ISO 27'001:2013 certified. PrivaSphere is the first federally recognised secure email delivery platform technology and the first Swiss company to be certified "ePrivacyseal - geprüfter Datenschutz CH".


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